Never Once Did We Ever Walk Alone

Our walk with God

In the begining……..

Well here we go. A number of people have requested updates on Sarahs condition throughout this time. After speaking with Sarah we have decided that it would be an idea to start a blog that you can all follow if you so wish. Also in a bid to not make everything about Sarahs health we are going to concentrate on our walk with God throughout our marriage not just her pending diagnosis. This time is increadibly difficult for us but will serve as character building and a platform for God to workout his sovereign plans in our lives. We are very excited to be writing this blog and including you all in what God is doing with us.

We have decided to call this blog ‘never once did we ever walk alone’ because quite frankly we havent! We are in the palm of God’s hand and even the air that we breathe is a gift from his sustaining love. Our family (including our church and friends) has supported us in all of this with kindness, loving prayers and words of encouragement. Although we have named it this we believe that you all should be aware of the other title contenders! Number two contender was ‘little Ms. Sunshine gets MS’ and the number three contender was ‘let me tell you before my mother-in-law does’ (I joke but you would struggle to find a greater pillar of support). We believe we have probably choosen the better of the three and we hope that you agree

God bless,

James & Sarah


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