Never Once Did We Ever Walk Alone

Our walk with God

It’s about time!

‘It’s about time,’ is probably the unanimous cry from many of our family, friends and regular readers! I thought it had been a little while since our last post and having looked at the date of the last one I realised it really was such a long time ago! We hope that you have all had a really good start to the year and our great God has blessed you all.

Sarah has had a mixed start to the year with some symptoms subsiding and some coming back on occasion and reminding us of the illness’ attempts to derail us from our walk with God. Yet as sure as the ground beneath our feet we shall not be shaken as the Creator of the heavens and earth has us firmly in His grasp and is continually using us for His good purposes.

Since I last wrote to you Sarah has had her of first treatment of Tysabri (in February) and underwent her second treatment yesterday. I am pleased and proud to say that Sarah has been doing extremely well throughout, although the side effects post treatment have proved a challenge, thankfully they have been short lived. Sarah has acquired a headache, itchy skin and extreme tiredness for the first 48hours after each infusion of the drug. With plenty of prayer, rest and paracetamol she has been able push through.

On a positive note we have noticed a slight improvement in Sarah’s fatigue meaning that she has been able to go for longer before having to take some time out to rest and sleep. We do not know whether this is a direct result from receiving her treatment but are thanking God for it regardless. Now that Sarah is on the treatment she will go to hospital for each infusion (this usually takes just a few hours) once every 4 weeks. If she is allergic to the drug, a reaction is most likely to present on the second or third infusion, which means we have one more left until we can relax a lot more about it! If she does have a bad reaction she will be taken off the drug immediately with no chance of going back on it. This will be a very difficult issue as there is no better drug for her. Please join us in praying for Sarah that God will protect her from any major allergic reaction as we do not believe He has led her out this far to lead us back again.

I feel it is important to take this opportunity whilst sharing with those we love and who love us to thank God for the never failing support and for being the reason we never walk alone. We have found ourselves in complete hopelessness and darkness at times only to be snatched out by His almighty hand and built back up. I have no idea why this need’s to happen at this time and this way and to my wife, however I know I do not have to understand everything – i can stand firm in spite of this because our God is Sovereign, which means he has control over all things. Even in difficulty, persecution, trials and suffering He is God and He is unchanging. The God who gave over His only Son to death to bring us back into relationship with Him will certainly not leave us on our own during this time. I am greatly stirred by the wisdom of Job, a man who had everything taken from him, without any purpose he could fathom, but could still ask, “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” in his search for reason. Even when we cannot explain the negative events and times in our lives we need to cling on to God and trust Him as if you have no choice because He is the only sure thing you will ever find. I pray earnestly that we remain obedient to His call and that through our lives and actions He alone is glorified.

Please join me in praying that Sarah is firstly healed 100%, perfectly and that until then God blesses this treatment so that she will benefit from it in ways we could not imagine. Pray that she is kept safe and free from more relapses and that she continues to smile so brilliantly, the smile that lifts me up and that we all know so very well.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and prayers.

God bless,

James & Sarah