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Not so regular update!

on November 30, 2011

Well we are one day away from the start of December so that means Christmas is nearly upon us. I hope your Christmas shopping is well under way and the turkey has been ordered. I do not mean to brag (but I will) but thank’s to my incredibly organised wife not only is our Christmas shopping complete but it has been wrapped since Children in Need night! I make no claim to helping in this; it is all down to my wonderful wife serving our family so magnificently.

Since I last blogged Sarah has suffered another relapse which left her numb down her right side. To be honest it has not been anywhere near as debilitating as her previous relapse that had similar effect, however it has meant that she has had to stop driving for a while, this is also a concern as to the speed in which the MS is progressing. Consequently we have now made the decision to move in with her Mum and Dad until such time as we can afford our own place and I am driving.

Speaking of which I am taking my theory test on Friday and I am now well underway with driving lessons. It has taken a long time to finally get this sorted but it is imperative now if I am able to look after Sarah as best as I can. I am praying that our Lord God blesses me and speeds up a process that can take some months.

In other news Sarah’s appointment with her consultant has been brought forward to the 14th of December instead of the 28th. There has been no explanation offered as to why this is the case so it has left us slightly nervous. This being said there has been a weekly dedication of prayer for all those in our church in need of healing and this may be one of many answers to those prayers.

During this time of year everyone is looking forward to Christmas. For many it means a time of getting together with friends and loved ones, eating, drinking and generally having a good time. I feel so often the true meaning of Christmas is lost or not thought about. Christmas marks out a time when God, the one true God, creator of heaven and earth came down to us in the form of the man Jesus. His purpose was to bring us back to himself, to pay our unpayable debt by dying on a cruel cross and provide us a way to live out our lives in worship to Him.

During the coming weeks when you’re buying gifts and preparing for the festive celebrations think about the gift that was given so freely to us. A gift that if we receive it will literally cost us our very lives as we will be born again to a new living hope in Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Please continue to pray for Sarah, pray that her resolve and faith in Jesus never wavers, pray that she is healed magnificently by God and that I can continue to honour Jesus in all that I do and be the husband that Sarah so rightfully deserves.

God bless,

James & Sarah x


2 responses to “Not so regular update!

  1. Shelagh Ash says:

    James and Sarah you are continuously in our thoughts and prayers XXXX

  2. Alan Shelley says:

    I commend you for your Not So Regular bulletins about Sarah’s progress (that is the right word). I have to confess that Angela’s and my praying for her is a bit the same, we can’t claim daily or even regularly but we would say frequently, almost… What we do know is that God hears every word and knows every thought. He reads our heart even when we are not too clear even how to pray. Not really understanding the condition may even be a good thing because we cannot tell Him how to do it, like clear these neural pathways, circumvent this blockage, etc., and there is no need because He knows exactly what is wrong, what has caused it, and how He will put it right and we simply believe He will. He knows the end from the beginning and not for nothing did He say, “I am the God who heals you.” We know that man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father and will declare it before all and sundry. God bless you both and you just rest in Him. I don’t say hold on to Him because He holds you and will never let you go and no-one can snatch you away from Him.

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