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It’s been a while…..

on November 2, 2011

Well looking at the date of the last post I haven’t blogged in quite sometime! I am pleased to say that Sarah is doing very well but we still have some big challenges ahead.

The last month has been an incredibly busy time for us but filled nicely with some great events. I have been hugely busy with work as the company I work for has won numerous new contracts that have presented with their own unique challenges and I have been very pleased to be able to be a part of it. Me and James have completed our second month of Leadership Training (I will blogging about this soon) and we have just completed the first half term of our 11-14’s group at church. We have recently enjoyed a holiday to North Wales with John and Linda. I do not believe I have ever been on such a well needed, well-timed break. Not only was the company and scenery fantastic but God allowed us to truly rest (mentally and emotionally if not physically!). We thank God and John & Linda for this time away as it was just what was needed.

I am greatly pleased to say that Sarah’s good friend and bridesmaid Jenny is herself now getting married to a great man and has asked Sarah to be her bridesmaid, which is a huge honour for Sarah and another exciting thing to look forward to.

Sarah has now made contact and met her MS nurse, we had been praying for a caring, realistic person and God has provided just that. The MS nurse will serve as the first port of call for Sarah when she feels ill or needs to speak to anyone. The nurse has suggested that she could put Sarah into contact with a young lady about the same age as Sarah who has just started on her drug treatments. I am believing for God to anoint this potential friendship for the edification and support of Sarah as well as providing a way for Sarah to show His great love, mercy and undeserved grace to this young lady.

Sarah and her sister Laura have spent a long time going over the possibilities of medical treatment which range from daily, weekly and monthly injections to a monthly drip administered in hospital. All the medications have varied degrees of effectiveness and side effects. The issue is that the better the drug the worse or potentially serious the side effect. Please could I ask that if you pray, pray for wisdom for both me and Sarah as we decide which treatment is to be the most viable for Sarah at this time. Sarah has recently had her second MRI, which went incredibly well in comparison to her first. God once again comforted her and lowered the time from the stated 1 hour to around 25 minutes! What a great and glorious lord we serve. The results of this MRI will greatly determine the choice of medication so again please pray for no more lesions.

Me and Sarah have been reading through the book of Ruth in the old testament and are being continually reminded of God’s faithfulness and providence in all of our lives. He is active, never passive and He will ALWAYS work out His good purposes for us. He loves us and He loves you and is waiting for you to reach out to Him through His son Christ Jesus to know Him and to share in His great love.

God bless,

James & Sarah x


2 responses to “It’s been a while…..

  1. Jim Charles says:

    You guys are such an inspiration. God bless


  2. Janice Ward-Wilson says:

    Thank you so much, we really appreciate this blog and the love and grace you display, strengthened by our great and awesome Lord. Love you lots. Janice xx

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